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About me

I live in the south of France with my partner, my two dogs and two cats.

Both myself and my partner are allergic to Soy.  We do not have life threatening allergies but we do go through an inordinate amount of discomfort, fatigue, pain and recovery.

I also have a relatively serious allergy to egg which rarely affects me.

Being that the serious allergy rarely affects me and the lesser (although still uncomfortable) allergy was being triggered all the time, it led me to question where the Soy was being hidden in my food.  I have been very surprised to find out how far Soy has been allowed to come into the manufacturing process without it legally having to be listed.  I am now wary of a broad spectrum of ingredients for a variety of reasons.

I have also changed every single cosmetics item I have ever used.  I wasn't really aware that they were affecting me, but after changing over, my skin has bounced back and glows instead of looking grey and pasty.

It has taken an inordinate amount of research to start to become healthy again, I still ingest soy by accident rather too frequently and am constantly re-researching and re-researching information I just, quite, nearly forgot about.  


This website is to help me, and you, by putting everything in one place, with a search tool.  

Rachel Watkins