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January 26, 2017

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£340 - The cost of my first soy-free cosmetics trip.

March 8, 2017

Last summer, the extent that soy was still in my life was starting to become clear. My hair was brittling, my skin was looking tired and grey, and the regular tummy problems that I'd overlooked in my 20's were becoming more of a bothersome feature than just a bother.


It was time to really do something about this, sitting in a spa hotel in South of Wales where their staff had fed me trace of Soy on the Monday and Tuesday night (the manager had forgotten to update the allergy menu when he changed the meat baste to another brand), and on my last spa treatment, they used a dermalogica product that had soy in it, I was convicted into researching Soy in cosmetics and phoning up all the brands I currently used.


As a consequence of the research, I binned my make-up, binned my face products, binned my moisturiser.  Life time user of Clinique, I was.  I spent 10 years using Olay, and I was currently using the Simple sensitive range, it was cheap and seemed to be doing my skin some good.


Turns out it all had Soy in.  Some of the real notable effects of not using Soy based products have been, my dermis is thicker and heals quicker, it's less puffy, is no longer dry or flaky, has stopped coming out in red blemishes and spots and I'm less prone to thrush.  


But to this day I still haven't replaced them all. So, I don't currently have a face care kit (quite wrong for a lady in her late 30's), I don't have a moisturiser, I can't use sun cream in the summer and the list goes on.  7 months is a long time to go without these basics.


Last summer, I researched soy-free cosmetics and came across a Soho, London based cosmetics shop.  I did buy the make-up I intended to and it's been pretty good and definitely soy-free (review to come) but due to my nervousness about not really knowing what to ask, I managed to get bullied into buying £340 worth of products I wasn't sure about and coming away with half of it having soy in (not that either of us knew at the time).  


Even though the shop assistant tried to offer guarantees and do the research behind her sale, the process took more than an hour and by end of it she was not quite so pleasant and patient and what I really needed was some space to make a decision on my purchase.


Anxiety can be a beast and people respond to it the way they do. Her by being over-assertive and making me feel uncomfortable, and, I responded to that situation by buying it all.  Not proud of myself, I wish I could have been stronger.  It was an expensive lesson.


I'll resist the urge to name the shop as it was a shop assistant who created this vibe not the owner, i'm sure the owner would actually be mortified if she knew the fundamentals of what happened (or I hope).


I try to do most of my communications by email now when it comes to Soy related products as it is hard to convey the problems with finding a product that is really and truly Soy-free in person.  It's quite overwhelming as my post '78 alternative names for Soy' explains.


I'm currently working through finding a soy-free pre-natal vitamin, soy-free toothpaste and a basic soy-free skin care kit.  Reviews and further ingredients explanations coming very soon :)








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