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January 26, 2017

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Oh Dominos - How disappointing

July 14, 2017

 3 times in the last year I've had Dominos.  3 times I have been in bed with all manner of things wrong in my body.  Twice I denied it was the Dominos, the third time I've not been so stupid.


Yes, I did look at the allergy menu and no Soy wasn't mentioned on there.  Yes, I was desperate for junk food.  Yes, I didn't feel well.  Yes, I was in denial.  Yes, it turns out they use Soy Oil in not only the pizza base, but also the tomato sauce.  Do I feel like a numpty?  Yes.  Am I allowed Dominos?  No.  Boring.


So restrictiveness aside, how on earth can Domino's leave out the fact they use Soy Oil in their allergy menu?


Ok, this old thing.  The EU regulations (And in the US too) say that if the refined Soy Oil have 20 parts per million or below then it is safe for an allergy sufferer.  It is impossible for me to analyse which brands using refined soy oils sets off one's allergy and what doesn't without actually doing the tests on myself.  It is clear to me that some oils have less Soy protein in them and some have more. Discernibly the cheaper the oil, the more Soy protein.


The laws are tough if you are super-sensitive to Soy. It's a constant loop, because it's not mentioned on the ingredients listing, eating out is difficult. For example, refined Soy Oil is listed as vegetable oil on the allergy menu.   And to compound the soy-allergy sufferes problems, awareness surrounding the problem is little to zero.


For now it is clear that I cannot rely on allergy menus, (even if I am desperate for junk foodl!!) the laws muddy the waters so much that it's impossible to really tell if the meal I am getting is Soyfree.  Although, I pretty much never have a problem with top-end and fine dining, but then how often does one get to do that?







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